Friday, October 14, 2011

Who is Mary Sue?


Who’s the girl that in implausibility’s face flies,
Who can do the impossible the first time she tries?
The youngest ensign to join the fleet,
Who saves the ship from utter defeat.
The long-lost daughter of an elfin queen,
Who rescues the hobbits and steals the scene.
She’s cute and clumsy, with a past that’s tragic;
Beloved by all, she can also do magic.
Her heart is pure, her aim is true,
Do you know who? It’s Mary Sue!

 (poem by Cat Carlisle)

Part of the problem of living off in my own little world is that I start to assume that things that are obvious to me are also obvious to everyone else. Case in point: I wrote the above poem, posted it on Facebook without the last two words and asked my friends to fill in the blank. I thought it would be a fun, easy riddle and was extremely embarrassed when NOBODY knew what I was talking about. I only had two guesses: "Mr. Magoo" from my brother and "Ashley Judd" (Huh?) from my husband.