Problems Viewing Images on My Posts?

When I began this blog, there was no option to host photos on Blogger so I used an image hosting service called Photobucket. All my posts prior to mid-2012 have Photobucket images (newer ones are hosted on Blogger). In 2019, more than a decade and a half after I began, Photobucket decided that it would no longer host images for free. I'm a little unclear on what exactly they're going to do to the images in my blog posts, but it sounds like either there will be broken links or intentionally blurred/low resolution images (unless I pay them money, of course, which I'm not going to do).

While I appreciate the decade-plus of free photo hosting that Photobucket gave me, they are not playing fair and appear to be intentionally making it difficult to download my images (there is no simple bulk download option available on their site). The only option to "rescue" my images from Photobucket is to download them one at a time, upload them somewhere else and then fix the links in my blog posts. As you may have noticed by my lack of updates, I don't really have time for blogging anymore so I definitely don't have for that. So I apologize in advance for any missing/blurry/whatever images.