Monday, March 21, 2011

"Buckethead and Egghead"


Buckethead and Egghead was my first completed book. I co-wrote it at the age of eight with a girl named Tess while we were at a dude ranch. I think my grandmother suggested it as a way for us to stay busy, probably while it was raining. We told her the story, she typed it up, printed it out and then had us illustrate it.

Buckethead and Egghead
by Cat and Tess

Once upon a time in a spooky old house there was a ghost. Its name was Buckethead. He was called that because he wore a bucket on his head. Why he had that bucket was because he didn’t want people to see his head. It was spooky, because his hair was made of worms.

There were people living in the house. When the people saw Buckethead they freaked out!! Because on his legs were green and pink bumps. His toes were a foot long. He didn’t have any toenails and blood was gushing out.

One night he went into the parent’s room. They were half asleep. They opened their eyes and screamed. The mother and father ran and got the girls and they ran out of the house to the neighbor’s house.


When they got there they saw another ghost. Its name was Egghead, because her head was shaped like an egg and she was 10 feet tall, and her head was a mile long.

Buckethead had followed them to the neighbor’s house, but he had never seen Egghead before. He ran up to her and said, “Hello.” She said “I love you,” and he grabbed her and said “Let’s get married.” They ran off.

The end.

That's a Hollywood ending for you right there. I don't know why more horror movies don't end that way. Just think how much better Freddy vs. Jason would've been if Freddy and Jason fell in love and ran away together!

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