Friday, September 23, 2011

I Meet the Little Belgian Detective - 100 Word Short Story


I have a run-in with my favorite fictional character, Hercule Poirot.

Me: "Help! Help!"
HP: "May I be of some assistance, madam?"
Me: "That man stole my purse!"
HP: I see. Well do not trouble your pretty little face. Hercule Poirot will use his little grey cells to track down the thief!"
Me: "We don't need to use your little grey cells, because that's him right there! The man running with a ladies purse!"
HP: "Mon dieu, then we should catch this villain!"
Me: "Hurry, he's getting away!"
HP: "..."
Me: "Aren't you going after him?"
HP: "..."
Me: "Right, sorry I asked. Could you hold my shoes? I can't run in heels."
HP: "Certainement! Anything for you, dear lady!
Me: *Eyeroll*


Writer's Digest Writing Prompt:

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