Sunday, December 18, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - 12/18

Set up: While playing a game of paintball, the narrator and her friends are confronted by two figures in black armor who shoot them with a strange weapon.
A cold sensation washed over me, like I had jumped into a freezing lake, and things began to move in slow motion. My legs collapsed and then I was on my back, looking at the sky. One of the men stepped in to my narrowing field of vision, raised his face shield and peered at me. Only he wasn't a man at all - he had skin as red as hot coals and pupils so dark that it looked like shiny black beetles were hiding where his eyes should have been. A row of five short horns crossed his forehead and there was a nasty, jagged scar on the bridge of his nose. He smiled at me; it was the last thing I saw before my vision went black.

- excerpt from one of many versions of my untitled "girl gets kidnapped by aliens" novel
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