Wednesday, July 27, 2011

E-book Review: Along Came a Demon by Linda Welch


Title: Along Came a Demon
Author: Linda Welch
Page count: 204
Price when I bought it: $0.99
How I read it: Kindle

Tiff Banks can see the ghosts of the violently slain as well as beings known as the Otherworldy, which she calls demons. When the ghost of a naked woman shows up on her lawn, Tiff must help put her to rest by finding the woman's missing son.

Opening Line:
"There's a naked woman in the garden," Jack said.

My Thoughts:
Along Came a Demon is labeled as paranormal mystery, but personally I'd call it a paranormal romance. Why? Because the climax of the story isn't finding the lost boy or the final showdown with the demons, but when Tiff and the sexy demon do it.

Not that that's necessarily a problem. It's just that those other things (finding the boy, the final showdown) are resolved with 20% of the novel still left to go. It left me wondering, what are we waiting for?

Eventually (spoiler) an angry demon tries to kill Tiff one last time, but that's the only action in the last 20% of the story (not counting the boinking at the end, of course). It almost feels like it was a novella that had another 10,000 words tacked on the end to make it a novel. At the $0.99 price point I think I would've preferred it without the extra words.

But that's my only real gripe with the book and it didn't come anywhere near ruining it for me. On the contrary, I thought the story was great and I couldn't put it down, even when I had Game of Thrones and the new Sookie Stackhouse book waiting for me. The writing is energetic and it has just the right amount of humor, romance and action.

My favorite characters were Tiff's oddball ghost roommates, who always showed up at exactly the wrong time and were completely useless when it came to being "watchghosts" and protecting the house. But then they're ghosts - how much they can be expected to do?

As I just moved to Utah, I also found the setting interesting. That did provide a bit of a distraction, because even though the town of Clarion is made up, I still wanted to figure out what it was standing in for. Park City, maybe? I never could figure it out and eventually had to quit worrying about it and I could enjoy the book. Which I did.

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