Wednesday, February 22, 2012

If Frustration Were a Person


Nothing goes right for Frustration. Her keys are always lost and she can never find her glasses, though nine times out of ten they are perched on top of her head. There's a word on the tip of her tongue she just can't think of and the hint of an idea at the back of her mind that never seems to jell. Her shoes pinch, her jeans squeeze (they'd fit if she lost five pounds) and the blouse she ordered from a catalog looked much better on the model than it does on her.

Frustration is envious of her older sisters Patience and Acceptance, because they never seem bothered by the same troubles that dog their little sister. Insecurity and Fear are always blocking her path, keeping her from getting what she wants. "If only they would get out of my way," she says, "then I would be a success." But what Frustration doesn't know is that, if she only took a deep breath and gave it another try, she could sidestep her troubles and accomplish her goals.


Writing Prompt: Personify an emotion you've felt recently, like in The Book of Qualities by J. Ruth Gendler. This was an assignment in my evening writing class.


  1. When Richard Feynman got stuck on some problem he would stop what he was doing and go look at porn for a while. He would come back refreshed and was able to see the problem in a new light.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks John, that's very profound. >_< And now when people Google "frustration" and "porn", they will end up here. Oh well, that will be more traffic than what I'm getting now.